Watch Sean Bean’s First TV Appearance In An Advert Back In 1984

Watch Sean Bean’s First TV Appearance In An Advert Back In 1984

Sean Bean, the ultimate Yorkshireman, is one of the biggest actors of our time featured in such massive film and TV shows such as Lord of the Ring series, Game of Thrones series and even featuring in a James Bond film along with of course his iconic role in Sharpe.

But, all actors have to start somewhere and one of Sean Bean’s first acting jobs was a little different. It came back in 1984 and was an advert featuring Sean Bean selling Barbican Lager.

Set on a plane, Bean’s character is thrown into a classic heroic storyline which would become Bean’s bread and butter in the acting world.

Sean Bean Barbican Lager

The advert begins with Bean necking a can of Barbican lager sporting a fetching mullet when a panicked air hostess runs through from the cockpit and asks: “Can anybody fly a plane” in a high-pitched cockney accent with two others carrying an incapacitated pilot.

Whilst everyone else panics Sean Bean with his can of Barbican and a leather jacket looks cool as anything strides through to the cockpit.

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Taking hold of the controls he safely lands the plane with ease and heads on through to the other passengers receiving a kiss on the cheek before saying: “Good job I was drinking Barbican”.

Before you start questioning why the advert seems to promote drunk people’s ability to land a plane. Barbican Lager which was made by Bass Brewery which was produced by is a non-alcoholic beer which is now made in the Middle East where it is apparently still popular.

It’s easy to see even in this early advert why Bean became one of the country’s best actors. At no point whilst watching the clip did I think that Sheffield’s own wouldn’t pull off this amazing feat.

The only shame was that he didn’t stand up and say: “I’ll land the bastard!”

With non-alcoholic larger becoming more popular in this day and age we are starting a petition for Sean Bean to remake this advert. After all, he’s no stranger to adverts featuring in one of Yorkshire Tea’s most iconic scenes wielding a sword in a meeting whilst shouting “Do it for Yorkshire!”

Watch Sean Bean Barbican Lager advert below:

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