Monster Launches An Alcoholic Beverage Range Which Taste Just Like The Energy Drinks

Monster Launches An Alcoholic Beverage Range Which Taste Just Like The Energy Drinks

Yes, that’s right! Monster, which is owned by Coca-Cola, has released its own range of alcoholic drinks recreating the flavours of the popular energy drinks.

The new beverage which is sure to make your Saturday night a bit special comes in four flavours and is named Beast Unleashed drinks. Mean Green is modelled on the OG Monster.

Next is Peach Perfect then White Haze, which is similar to Monster Energy Zero Ultra and then Scary Berries.

The new alcoholic drinks will be 6% abv and apparently taste just like the fan-favourite flavours. The big difference is the new drinks have no caffeine or energy-inducing ingredients. 

Credit: Monster

Speaking about the new venture last August CEO Rodney Sacks said the new drinks will be ‘distinguishable from the many hard seltzer brands that have become so ubiquitous over the last several years’.

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He continued: “Our alcohol innovation pipeline is robust with a number of additional innovative product lines currently under development,” according to Business Insider

Is Monster’s New Alcoholic drink coming to the UK?

The drink is only available in a few states in the US currently, but earlier this week Sacks said they will be available across the whole of the US by the end of the year – and it’s unclear if they’ll be made available in the UK.

These things sound like the next VK or Smirnoff Ice that we enjoyed in dingy nightclubs back in the early 00s, so we’d be willing to give them a go for research purposes of course.

Only time will tell if the energy drink turned alcoholic drink will venture over to the UK market.

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Feature Image Credit: Monster

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