Netflix Unveil Trailer For Chilling Jimmy Savile Documentary That Examines The ‘Evil Within’

Netflix Unveil Trailer For Chilling Jimmy Savile Documentary That Examines The ‘Evil Within’

A trailer for a new Netflix documentary that looks into the ‘evil within’ Jimmy Savile has been released and it’s very chilling indeed.

The two-minute trailer for Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story is a mixture of archive footage and a number of contributors that tell the tale of the TV personality and the hundreds of allegations of sexual assault and abuse that came to light after his death back in 2011.

Credit: Netflix

In the clip, he is heard saying: “I am a voluntary helper… Sometimes, when nobody’s looking, I help the lassies.”

“Let me tell you, you really are missing something…‘In fact, you’re missing everything.”

Savile, who was aged 84 when he died, was seen as a beloved entertainer in life and was never brought to justice for his crimes as one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders.

In the trailer, one of the contributors says: “He knew fame and power gave him every door,” with another adding: “It turns out, everywhere he’d been there’d been abuse.”

The documentary is set to delve into how Saville managed to fool the nation with the use of archive footage. The Netflix series Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story arrives on 6th April.

Watch the full trailer for the Netflix Jimmy Savile Documentary here:

The new Netflix documentary is just one programme that is set to explore the dark side of Jimmy Savile. A BBC Drama The Reckoning starring Steve Coogan will explore how he used his celebrity and powerful connections to conceal his wrongdoings.

Steve Coogan, who is known for his iconic character Alan Partridge, discussed his decision to play Jimmy Savile in a new BBC Drama – and said the decision he says was not taken “lightly”.

Creators say the series will explore Leeds-born Savile’s rise to fame, as well as his dark double life and how he used his “celebrity and powerful connections to conceal his wrongdoings and to hide in plain sight”.

On why the BBC wanted to tell the story, executive producer Jeff Pope explained: ‘We must understand why a man like Jimmy Savile seemed to remain immune for so long to proper scrutiny and criminal investigation.’

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