Paddy McGuinness Has Teased The Return Of Max And Paddy

Paddy McGuinness Has Teased The Return Of Max And Paddy

Looks like we are being set up to have our hopes dashed with hints that at some point in our lifetime, there could be some new Max & Paddy material.

The news comes as Take Me Out presenter Paddy McGuiness has been doing the rounds announcing his first stand-up show of 12 years.

As he inevitably gets asked when interviewed, presenter and comedian McGiuness was asked whether or not there would be any more Max & Paddy – and he didn’t say no

For those who were living under a rock when max & Paddy aired, it follows the story of two bouncers from Kay’s other successful series Phoenix Nights who decide to tour around the UK in their campervan on the run from the club patron.

LADbible reports that McGuiness would be up for it if Peter Kay was. He said: “Well, when we talk about stuff, like the interesting thing about Max and Paddy and Phoenix Nights is now, we are kind of all of an age of the people we played back then.

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“But we [him and Kay] do talk about it and what have you, but, I don’t, I can’t, I can’t see it at the minute, but we never say never, but it’s good to talk.

Max and Paddy for instance, we wrote a couple of Christmas specials, and we’ve still got them. We never got around to doing one for whatever the reasons were back in the day.

“But we’ve actually got them!”

Peter Kay is currently on a mammoth tour of the UK – so it doesn’t look like we will get the two of them together anytime soon, but if someone could make sure their schedules match in the next few years we could reall appreciate it.

Whilst we are on the subject of shows, if someone could remake Heartbeat – we’d really love that.

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