New BBC Documentary That Followed Kevin Sinfield’s ‘Incredible Journey’ Airs Next Month

New BBC Documentary That Followed Kevin Sinfield’s ‘Incredible Journey’ Airs Next Month

It was announced last year that a new documentary that follows Kevin Sinfield’s extreme challenge of seven ultra-marathons in seven days to raise money for his former Rugby League teammate Rob Burrow who was diagnosed with Moter Neurone Disease (MND) in 2019.

The documentary named Kevin Sinfield: Going the Extra Mile is set to air on BBC2 in early February and will show never before seen footage including first-hand chats with him as he landed the role in the new England coaching team just in time for the World Cup and Six Nations.

The documentary will also show the more intimate moments with his friends, family and hundreds of supporters as he runs through towns and cities across the UK.

It was filmed by Leeds-based video production company RAM Films joined the former England international rugby league player on his journey in a 90-minute feature film.

Sinfield raised £7 million through his challenges and was awarded an OBE by the Duke of Cambridge (HRH Prince William of Wales) and also received a standing ovation at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year for this effort.

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Kevin said: “When we set out on the first challenge back in December 2020, we just wanted to help a friend who had found himself in the toughest imaginable position. With a young family of three children under the age of 10, he had been handed a life ending MND diagnosis and worse still, like so many, was then locked in his home as we battled the impact of Covid 19.

Credit: BBC

“What started out as a way to help a friend became so much more over the course of those first seven marathons in seven days and has grown incredibly over the subsequent two challenges of the Extra Mile and the Ultra 7 in 7. I think everyone can imagine what they would do for their friend in the same position and the overwhelming support has shown that we are a nation who cares about people who are facing their own adversity.

“I am proud to be part of the MND community, the people who are living with the impact of MND who I have been privileged to meet since 2020 inspire me every day and we will never stop banging the drum for MND until we find a cure.”

Richard Frediani, BBC Breakfast Editor, added: “Kevin’s determination to help his friend was obvious from the day he set off on his first challenge, and it was a huge honour for the BBC Breakfast team to be able to follow him closely on his journey.

“This documentary highlights how far Kevin has pushed himself to help not only his friends but the thousands of others affected by the disease, it also shows how the last three years have changed him as a person too.

“We’ve followed him so much he feels like part of the family, and we’re happy to be able to show another side to this extraordinary human being.”

The new documentary will be shown on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer on Friday, February at 7pm

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