Yorkshire Brewery Creates Sunday Roast Beer Using Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Leeds-based brewery Northern Monk have teamed up with Aunt Bessie’s to create this unique offering. Aunt Bessie’s are known throughout the land for their frozen classics, including Yorkshire pudding’s, roast potatoes and a whole host of things you are your family can enjoy. Now thanks to these two Yorkshire institutions you can now enjoy them in beer form.

Northern Monk, known for creating an array of excellent tasting beers haven’t let you down with the new beer offering with a traditional twist. Get ready for their Roast Dinner Brown Ale, and for dessert their Jam & Custard Pale Ale. This Yorkshire duo has been collaborating on this new beer for months and has decided people out there need a little positivity in their lives.

Credit: Northern Monk

Northern Monk recently announced that they are joining other breweries around the world in the initiative known as All Together which aims to create awareness & funds for the hospitality industry worldwide. So, it is great to see them curating new products for loyal fans of the brewery during these times of turmoil.

These two Yorkshire powerhouses have really created something so special and as northern as a whippet in a flat cap drinking a nice cup of Yorkshire tea. The Roast Dinner is a 5.7% Brown Ale brewed with Aunt Bessie’s Roast Potatoes and Yorkshire Puds. Their Jam Roly Poly is a 5% Pale Ale and is brewed with plum, apricot and strawberry the same products that go into Aunt Bessie’s (finished with custard, of course).

Credit: Northern Monk

Speaking about the collaboration, Founder of Northern Monk, Russell Bisset, said: like a Sunday Roast with all the trimmings, and on a weekend where we’d usually be getting together with our families for a traditional Sunday Dinner. And Sam Dolan, Aunt Bessie’s Head of Marketing has said ‘There’s nothing like coming together with loved ones over a roast dinner and a cold beer, and so to join forces with a fellow Northern brand to create something which has never been done before is really special.

We applaud both brands for such a cool and unique partnership and cementing Yorkshire as the birth of a great Yorkshire dinner, whether that be in liquid form or food. It’s a table we definitely want to be invited to.

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