Northern Retirement Home Residents Share Adorable Dating Advice For The Younger Generation

Northern Retirement Home Residents Share Adorable Dating Advice For The Younger Generation

Unlucky in love, or just looking for some advice from someone with a little experience? Then you might want to pique your ears as these northern retirement home’s residents have some lessons in love for you younguns out there.

The Knight’s Care Home asked its residents to share their advice on dating with the younger generation and they’ve come up with some absolute gems.

Passing on their their knowledge to the younger generations, they’ve shared some belting advice and with most of the residents having been through two world wars we think you should listen.

98-year-old Wilma starts us off with some sound advice saying: “Make sure he’s got a good job & money”. And Wilma wasn’t the only one to get straight to the point with her advice. Joyce who’s 92 said: “Keep your clothes on! Make sure he’s a decent person.”

Along with the women, smoothy 83-year-old Tom had some sound words of advice as for the fellas along with a lesson in charm when writing: “Make sure she’s honest, friendly and gorgeous!” adding on the end “Just like my wife”.

There was even advice from Ida, who’s been on this planet for over one hundred years. Ida’s advice was “if meeting for the first time, be open and safe”.

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The Valentine’s Day fun is great fun, and a lovely heartwarming way for the sharing of knowledge gaiend by the older generation. We at The Yorkshireman love it.

Activities coordinator, Kirsten Dean said: “we’ve done this kind of activity within the home the last few years. It’s been a great talking point with the residents. There are always loving comments and very funny ones. We do many activities based around national days such as Valentine’s day.

“We do many activities within the home with our residents and this was a firm favourite by all.”

Visit their Facebook page to show your love and see all the other picture taken for their Valentine’s Day dating advice that’s sure to help you be lucky in love.

Check out some of the best pieces of dating advice from the residents below:

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