‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Star Amanda Owen Opens Up On The “Regrets” Of Life On Camera

‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Star Amanda Owen Opens Up On The “Regrets” Of Life On Camera

Amanda Owen, otherwise known as The Yorkshire Shepherdess, is known from the Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm, which documents the lives of the Owen family on their Yorkshire Dales farm. The Ravenseat Farmer spoke to Alan Titchmark on the ITV show Love You Weekend about her “regrets” about sharing family life on the tele.

Credit: Channel 5

Amanda was on the show to promote her new bestseller, ‘Celebrating the Seasons with the Yorkshire Shepherdess, which we have and it’s a great read. The discussion turned to Our Yorkshire Farm and Amanda’s feeling on their life and camera day-to-day.

Amanda discussed her life and how everyone can have “regrets” to which Alen replied, “Well, it puts you under a microscope though, doesn’t it?”

Amanda spoke about how it can be “difficult”, adding “there’s no two ways about it. You have to take the rough with the smooth.

Credit: Channel 5

“You put yourself out there and you pretty much can’t claw it back I suppose,” she said.

Amanda did point out the positives it’s had on the family as well as any negative come about saying “On the positive side it makes you more mindful of what you are doing and what you’re championing.

“So, there are two sides to it all and at the end of the day no pain no gain,” 

Amanda’s also pointed out the show has been a positive for her nine children saying “They have got opportunities out of what we have been able to do and showcasing what we do.

“I would worry more if I was sort of asking them to act something out or take on an alter ego or persona.

“As it is, we are just living our lives and doing what we would be doing regardless of whether there would be a camera there or not.

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