‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Family To Leave Ravenseat Farm Owned By Billionaire For Good

‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Family To Leave Ravenseat Farm Owned By Billionaire For Good

‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ favourite’s The Yorkshire Shepherdess and family are looking to relocate. The family live on Ravenseat Farm but are not the owners of the land they work. Clive, Amanda and their nine kids are looking to put down roots on the Yorkshire Dales with the purchase of their new farmhouse. The Owen Family, stars of ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’, have set their sights on Anty Johns in Upper Swaldale.

Our Yorkshire Farm Anty Johns
Credit: Channel 5

Who Owns Ravenseat Farm?

The 2,000 acre Ravenseat Farm, which has been farmed by the first generation farmers The Owen Family who have farmed the land for 25 years, has been farmed on for over 1,000 years. As well as being home to Swaledale sheep, it’s also home to cows, hens and dogs.

The owner of the Upper Swaledale farm is billionaire Robery Miller entrepreneur and sailing champion, and co-founded Duty Free Shops (DFS). The show, narrated by Ralf Litte focuses on Amanda Owen and her families life on Miller’s farm, but the Yorkshire Shepherdess and her family are upping sticks and heading just down the road.

Where Are The Owen Family Moving To?

The Owen family has been restoring an abandoned cottage, which had been left derelict for years. One episode in the latest season saw the family figuring out how to get a water supply to the property, which they sourced from a local water supply.

Amanda Owen shared some snaps of their new home back in May, which showed the house in a state of disrepair, meaning their was still work to do on the farm house just a mile down the road from their current rented accommodation.

They’re looking to move from Ravenseat to Anty Johns in Upper Swaledale, where they aim to create themselves a family home. There are some melancholy feelings towards their home for many years Ravenseat, which Amanda says is steeped in history.

Our Yorkshire Farm Anty Johns
Credit: Channel 5

Speaking to The Home Page, Amanda shares her thoughts: “A house is a house, but living somewhere wild, like here, really shapes your character.

“You are facing a battle against the elements here which makes you more independent, and gives you the freedom to be yourself.”

She spoke of living at Ravenseat as feeling “temporary like we’re just part of the bigger story before it’s passed on to someone else.”

“Each of the buildings on the farm are named after people who are long gone, but whose memory lives on and it’s important to keep the heritage of the place going.”

It seems there is work to be done on the property, and Amanda will keep viewers updated – hopefully in the new series. It will be sad to see them leave Ravenseat behind – that’s for sure.

The family own a home which they rent out as a holiday home named The Firs. The home was bought as a plan to secure income away from farming. The house was a dream for Amanda, who was emotional upon the purchase of the 17th-century cottage.

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