Over 1Million People Are Going To A ‘Christmas Rave’ At 10 Downing Street This Christmas Eve

Over 1Million People Are Going To A ‘Christmas Rave’ At 10 Downing Street This Christmas Eve

Looks like we are all invited to the party of the year, as a Facebook event has gone viral that is scheduled for Christmas Eve at Number 10 with the promise of a headline slot from ‘BORIS JOHNSON & CHUMS’. 

The party organised by Jon Mancini, has at the time of writing, over 1 million guests expected to turn up. So, Boris and staff better get stocked up on the wine and cheese.

The joke event that is ‘poking fun at the powers that be’ advises that there will be no social distancing and that you might need to bring your own nibbles and drink.

The event has been made in response to the news of a video showing a senior official laughing about a Christmas Party last year, whilst the rest of the country was under strict tier 3 restrictions.

The Prime Minister has denied the party ever took place, but launched a ‘full internal investigation‘ into what happened and has said he was ‘furious’ at Wednesday’s PMQs.

The video in question, obtained by ITV News, was from December 22nd last year and shows the Prime Minister’s former spokesperson Allegra Stratton joking about no social distancing at a ‘business meeting’.

In the video the, senior advisor can be seen laughing as she says “This is recorded. This fictional party was a business meeting and it was not socially distanced.”

Whilst in the video we can see a member of the audience laughing and pointing out that it ‘wasn’t a party. It was cheese and wine.’

According to Instagram page UkFactcheckpolitics, the ‘Tories may have held seven parties which broke Covid rules’.

The Times has also reported that ‘The Downing Street Christmas party started at 6pm and went on till 2am – by the end of it, many were ‘rat-arsed’.

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Feature Image Credit: Number 10 / Flickr & Facebook

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