20 Bottlenose Dolphins Spotted Off Filey Bay From Hunmanby Gap

20 Bottlenose Dolphins Spotted Off Filey Bay From Hunmanby Gap

Dolphins were seen swimming off the Yorkshire Coast near Filey this week – and we couldn’t be more jealous of the fact that someone else got to see them.

Who needs to head abroad to see the amazing creatures leaping from the water? Amazing photographer Andrew Cottrell spotted the dolphins off the Yorkshire coast and snapped this amazing shot of one leaping from the water.

The snap shows a dolphin leaping from the water having a fantastic time and giving the viewers a show from the shoreline. The dolphin was one of 20 that head-tracked south on Monday 23rd January.

May be an image of body of water and nature
Credit: Andrew Cottrell

Andrew posted the snap to Filey Wildlife page with the caption: “Distant shot of one of the 20 or so Bottlenose Dolphins that were heading South across the Bay this afternoon.”

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The snap proved popular with over 1.4k interactions and comments with people showing their amazement at the brilliant photographer captured by the photographer.

One person wrote: “Are these frequently spotted along the Filey coast?” to which Andrew replied: “fairly frequently, perhaps once or twice a week just now.

“But, be aware that they are typically well offshore so binoculars are needed, or you may be lucky and catch them passing when down on the Brigg.

Credit: Andrew Cottrell

“More rarely they come into the bay and put on a display. Marine Drive, Scarborough is another good place to spot them (and Harbour Porpoises)”

It’s a truly amazing photograph that shows just what you can find along the coast if you seek it. We would love to have the chance to see such natural wonders in God’s Own Country.

The Whitby Photographer posted a video on Twitter that showed dolphins playing at the end of Whitby pier. In the video, they can be seen leaping from the water.

Watch it below:

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