This Year’s John Lewis Emotional Christmas Advert Pulls On Your Heartstrings

This Year’s John Lewis Emotional Christmas Advert Pulls On Your Heartstrings

Well, it’s that time again when big companies give us a taste of what Christmas means to them and the clear winner each year is without a doubt John Lewis and this year they’ve done it again. The heartwarming advert plays with your heartstrings whilst also highlighting a major issue.

In this year’s advert a soulful cover of Blink 182’s ‘All The Small Things’ played whilst a middle-aged man learnt to skateboard. We follow his journey with no explanation thinking it may be about overcoming adversity or learning a new skill. The man seems to be getting better in the run-up to Christmas.

Watch vid of tasty pizza from Pizza Punk in Leeds below:

It turns out that the man is learning the skills for the arrival for the upcoming arrival of a new foster child who is also fond of skateboarding.

The advert is entitled The Beginner and has had over 100k views on YouTube already since being posted yesterday. The video is posted with caption: “Christmas is ramping up.”

The clip showed various stages of the man’s progress including wheeling a Christmas tree along a residential street on a skateboard.

The ad highlights John Lewis’ partnership with Action For Children highlighting a very poignant point that is sure to touch a lot of people’s hearts this festive period.

Watch the John Lewis 2022 advert below:

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Feature Image Credit: John Lewis

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