Traditional British Pubs Could Transform Into Bavarian-Style Bierkellers

Traditional British Pubs Could Transform Into Bavarian-Style Bierkellers
Bring it on!

Pubs have been shut since March, and with this summer weather, Yorkshire folk are wondering when their first pint will be. The question should now be how will our first pint be served. The answer could be in two-pint steins.

A German Bavarian style bierkeller pub could be the answer to adhering to social distancing measures. The benches could replace barstools in a way to open up Yorkshire pubs safely. The two-pint steins could help cut down contact with the bar staff.

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Emma McClarklin, BBPA Cheif Executive, said: “We are closely monitoring what other countries are doing with the opening of their bars and if there is anything we can introduce.

“The German-style may work for some of our pubs. The main thing we are focusing on is social distancing. The two-metre distancing is the biggest challenge pubs will face.

“I think our pubs will obviously have more tables in their bars to allow more table service and less standing at the bar.

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“There’ll be less interaction between customers and between customers and staff.

“This will be hard for pubs with lots of standing area around the bar and lots of bar service. We will always need to maximise outdoor space.”

She continued: “I was talking to somebody yesterday who said pubs used to be like safari parks where you were in your car and could go by yourself around the park.

“Now they are going to be like zoos when you are sent past in one direction and you have to follow the route.

“We are focusing on how that might work. It might be single file or there could be arrows in one direction to follow on the floor to limit constant crossing of people.

“No one pub is the same. Lots have nooks and crannies. Some have next to no space to go around the bar. We are trying to find something that works for customers and staff.

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“It will be our own British way of doing it.

“All the countries on the continent are going to be waiter-service only to maintain social distancing and table service by staff is going to be the way forward for some time.

“I think there is going to be a new normal and we have to find what that normal is going to be.”

In whatever form the pubs decide to open, we will be there with open arms (from a 2-metre distance), ready to enjoy our first pint in months!

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