Watch Patrick Stewart’s Emotional Speech In Yorkshire Tea’s Newest Advert

Watch Patrick Stewart’s Emotional Speech In Yorkshire Tea’s Newest Advert

Yorkshire Tea is not shy of having a big named celeb to help support their cause of bringing the best brew to the masses and now they’ve brought maybe one of the biggest Hollywood actors of all time Sir Patrick Stewart to wish Tina good luck as she leaves the company.

Patrick Stewart, star of X-Men and Star Trek nipped into the Yorkshire Tea headquarters to take on the role of a common office worker giving a speech worthy of the Oscars from Tina’s last day at work.

Credit: Yorkshire Tea

Asked by a fellow workmate to say a few words he swivels round and sits up from his chair with inspirational music playing in the background and begin: “Ahh, Tina” as if giving a monologue from Shakespeare.

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Holding a mug of Yorkshire Tea he continues: “The void so hollow that you shall leave. The emptiness felt within these walls where only the soft weeping of the forgotten reverberates.”

The highlight of Stewart’s stirring speech has to be Tina’s “sweet rasp” of her stapler.

Speaking about his appearance in the advert, Stewart, the West Yorkshire-born actor said: “No matter where I am in the world I always make sure I have some Yorkshire Tea with me for a proper brew.

Patrick Stewart Yorkshire Tea
Credit: Yorkshire Tea

“My career has taken me from the West End to Broadway, from Hollywood to the far ends of the galaxy… but now I’ve returned to where it all began. Yorkshire.”

Whether this rivals Sean Bean’s “Do It For Yorkshire” speech, or just adds to the rich tapestry of Yorkshire Tea history we’ll let you decide – we are off for a brew.

Watch the whole advert below:

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