People Are Just Discovering Yorkshire Pudding Desserts

People Are Just Discovering Yorkshire Pudding Desserts

Now, Yorkshire puddings are a sacred thing in God’s Own Country – they’re perfect for any occasion and go with almost anything. Whether you decide to eat them on their own as a starter with some gravy or accompanied with a Sunday Roast – those golden puffy clouds always taste incredible.

Yorkshire Pudding Dessert
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Twitter highlights a lot of first-world issues, and this is one of the biggest we’ve come across. This alternative use for one of Yorkshire’s greatest export was a highlight on the social media app.

It started with a user saying people need to be more adventurous with their cooking. The tweet went viral, and with that, people began to share the ways they eat their Yorkshire puddings.

The original tweet read: “I tell you what, I can’t be doing with roast dinner snobbery. I don’t HAVE to eat mint sauce only with lamb. Yorkshire puddings don’t HAVE to be consumed with beef. Here’s an idea, why don’t you step outside of your self-imposed box and broaden your tiny little mind?”

Some found it strange when the suggestion that Yorkshire puddings can be used as a dessert, but us in Yorkshire have been doing that since time began. My grandma would have a Yorkshire pudding starter, and then with her main meal, and with jam for afters.

One user wrote: “Why pubs don’t just sell bowls of Yorkshire puddings with gravy is beyond me.” We think this is the most perfect idea ever. Who needs a bowl of chips, when you can have a bowl of Yorkshire puds instead.

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Another wrote how they had them with “with Golden Syrup or chocolate sauce.” and we think that sounds absolutely beautiful! A Leeds local wrote that their “Nan served this up as a sweet pudding” as well all the way back in the 1970s!

As the recipe for a Yorkshire pudding is so simple, there is a lot to do with them. We suggest using them as a base and getting creative with them. Read our article that gives alternative suggestions for your Yorkshire puddings. Why not get stuck into a few ideas this weekend and let us know how you get on.

Or, you can just stick ’em with your Sunday Roast, and they will be just as grand as always. Either way, it’ll be reyt. What concept is new and exciting is Yorkshire Pudding Pies, that’s written, pies in which the pastry has been swapped out for Yorkshire pudding pastry. Check ’em out in the link below.

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