8 Alternative Ways To Cook With Yorkshire Puddings

8 Alternative Ways To Cook With Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire puddings are a top tier food that lifts the simplest of foods to a serious drool fest. Those golden clouds of goodness are the tastiest things on this little planet we call home. That been said, why limit ourselves to have them just with a roast? Why not try and get creative with them – they’re so versatile – and we decided to have a look through the internet at creative ways people have adapted the good ol’ Yorkshire staple as well as thinking up some ideas of our own – because what else is there to do in lockdown. You can decide whether to try an alternative Yorkshire pudding recipe or whether that is just blasphemy!

If you like the sound of any of these ideas – get creative and start cooking. Why not get the kids involved – or get creative on your own. Try them out and let us know how you get on. You can try our basic Yorkshire pudding recipe here – then go from there and get cooking!

Yorkshire Pudding Pizza

A blend of Italian and Yorkshire – to great cultures collide in this magnificent Yorkshire Pudding Pizza. The best thing about a Yorkshire pudding pizza is you can make it your own. Whether you’re a classic margarita fan or enjoy pepperoni or the highly debated pineapple pizza use the perfect pud as a base and get adding those ingredients. This recipe is by food blogger Izy Hossack and can be accessed here.

Yorkshire Pudding Wraps

These have become commonplace in Yorkshire with Leeds-based company Yorkshire Pudding Wraps Company creating some delicious surprises at their shop in Kirkgate Market. We thought it would be something great to try at home, and we are planning to do the traditional roast dinner wrap rather than a Sunday Roast. Why not give it a try?

Yorkshire Pudding Breakfast

Why starve yourself of Yorkshire pudding goodness by just having them for tea? Get them on the breakfast menu! Fill them will all the English breakfast classics like bacon, mushrooms, beans, sausages, black puddings – all of it! Two English classics combined amazingly.

Yorkshire Pudding Gyros

Another culinary crossover – we’ve had Italian pizzas, and Yorkshire pud wraps so why not put a Yorkshire spin on this classic Greek gyro. The Greek dish includes meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and typically served with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce in a pita. Well, why not replace the pita bread with a Yorkshire pudding and feel like a Greek god as you taste a God’s Own Country’s twist that would be fit for Zeus himself.

Yorkshire Pudding Profiteroles

Our go-to for a pudding is always profiteroles! Chocolate sauce and the cream inside makes them the most moreish dessert ever. Why not replace the choux pastry with a Yorkshire pud and enjoy a Yorkshire pudding dessert. We know that there are some arguments whether Yorkshire puds can be classed as a dessert, but we think this could change your mind – give it a try.

Yorkshire Pudding Fajitas

This Tex-Mex classic goes down an absolute treat at any dinner party. Why not ditch the wraps and create your own Yorkshire Pudding wrap version. We know that this is one we’d like to try! Crispy chicken with peppers, onions and some BBQ sounds like a delicious combination to us – and it is one we’ve put on our to-do list to try. What is people’s thought on this crazy alternative Yorkshire pudding recipe?

Yorkshire Pudding Pies

Yes, you heard us right. Instead of the usual pie pastry, try to create your own Yorkshire Pudding coated pies. Yorkshire folk love their pies – stick anything in pastry, and we are happy, happy folk. If you don’t fancy cooking them yourself check out these Yorkshire Pudding Pies here. We highly recommend the roast and cheeseburger pies!

Yorkshire Pudding Burger

We’ve tried burgers with some crazy bun replacements, from waffle buns, KFC’s Double Down burger. But what about swapping out those bread buns for some crispy Yorkshire puddings? This one has got us salivating at the mouth. Forget McDonald’s burgers we want to chow down on some proper Yorkshire food!

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Feature Image Credit: Alena – stock.adobe.com/ Yorkshire Pudding Pie

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