Peter Kay Has Plans For a Major Tour Next Year After A Decade Of Not Touring

Peter Kay Has Plans For a Major Tour Next Year After A Decade Of Not Touring

The nation’s favourite northern comedian is reportedly planning a huge comeback tour for 2023. The news comes after he took a stepback cancelled his 100 date tour back in 2017 due to ‘unforeseen family circumstances

That’s right! We can all enjoy some of Peter’s best catchphrases and classic observational standup across the UK as he goes on tour for the first time since 2011.

The Sun reported that: “He has lined up huge venues across the country including in Manchester, London and Birmingham and is hoping to announce it in September.”

“Peter has not performed a live stand-up set on a big stage in well over a decade now but he could not be more ready to get back out there.”

The Bolton legend has been making more public appearances with his DJ sets and other ways of raising money for charity. It looks like these little tasters of the audience have given Kay an urge to get out on the road again – either that or his mum needs a new kitchen.

With people missing the Car Share creator, rumours are always rife around the comedian with stirrings of new Max & Paddy series circulating last year after one of his Q&A sessions for Laura Nuttall, who he helped raise money for cancer treatment. During his show, he teased some exciting news regarding the return of the Nation’s favourite duo.

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