Pigs In Blankets Cheesecake Now Exists – And We Don’t Know How To Feel

Pigs In Blankets Cheesecake Now Exists – And We Don’t Know How To Feel

The festive season is heating up, shops and restaurants have started releasing their Christmas produce and there are some amazing finds. York based gin company created an amazing chocolate orange gin, M&S went large with their snow globe gin with 24-carat edible gold, but none of these compare to the latest on the market.

We thought we’d seen the lot, but Pleesecakes have taken the prize and left the rest eating their dust with their new creation. They have created a pigs in blanket cheesecake and it looks unreal!

Credit: Pleesecakes

You can’t have a Christmas dinner without pigs in blanket. If they ain’t on the plate, it’s not a Crimbo dinner. Notably, it’s named ‘The Notorious P.I.B’, which is the coolest named for a dessert ever.

Posting to Instagram Pleasecakes said: “ntroducing the Pigs in blanket Pleesecake!!! 🐷🐷🐷CONTROVERSIAL…sure. Delicious, tasty, moorish, banging & UNREAL…most certainly. All savoury, silky baked savoury cheesecake with the added bonus of the classic festive pigs in blankets!
Coming from the cheesecake experts, this is a SERIOUS bit of cheesecake!”

The cake is priced at £38 and serves up to 12, or one if I get my hands on this crumbly, delicious creation. It comes loaded with cheddar, oatmeal and thyme base, and a savoury cheesecake filling loaded with thyme, sage and pigs in blankets. It’s then topped with sweet caramelised onion chutney and the most important ingredient pigs in blankets.

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