Yorkshire Woman Sent 600 Cards From Strangers After 100th Birthday Party Cancelled

Yorkshire Woman Sent 600 Cards From Strangers After 100th Birthday Party Cancelled

Yorkshire woman Jean Cricthon was brought to tears when carers surprised her with a bag full of cards, as well as beautiful flowers and chocolates for her 100th birthday. She had planned to invite family and friends for a huge celebration, but due to COVID, her plans were cancelled.

Carers, who visit Jean four times a week, took to Facebook explaining how she lived alone and launched a card appeal for her special day. After posting, things snowballed, and Jean was inundated with cards, losing count after 600 were received.

As well as cards, West Yorkshire-born Jean received hand-drawn letters and a meal of roast beef, Yorkshire puds and a trifle for pudding – all cooked by a chef. Jean was overwhelmed by the kind gesture and was seen welling up on her birthday as her carers opened and read her everything single wish received.

Credit: Complete Care West Yorkshire

Jean, said: “I can’t believe it there are so many kind people,

“It’s a day to remember and a day I will never forget and I wish I could say thank you to every single person.

“I have to thank Sarah and the carers who have put this together for me. I would like to thank all the children who went through the trouble of making beautiful cards.

“It will take me a long time to forget this, it’s been a very happy day for me and one I shall never forget.”

Credit: Complete Care West Yorkshire

Carers from Complete Care West Yorkshire said Jean was the “loveliest woman” who deserved “this, and more”.

Team leader, Jodie Bedford, at the care centre, described how overwhelmed they were by how many cards and flowers were sent in each day. She said: “We had people being so lovely from all over the world sending in cards, gifts, and well wishes – it was really overwhelming

“But it’s nothing less than what Jean deserved in the incredible life she lived – she is such a strong-willed, funny, and just lovely woman and she deserves this and more.

“She had something planned with her family, but obviously with COVID they had to be cancelled – and we thought she’d been through so much in her life it would be wrong not to be celebrated.

“We were getting cards and flowers every day – it was incredible.

“She just had a room full of biscuits, chocolates, a restaurant sent her favourite meal which roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and trifle dessert.

“It was just a lovely day.”

It’s moments like these that show how truly compassionate people can be. And, to celebrate such an achievement makes it all the more special. Hope you had a good one Jean.

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