Harry Potter Fans Can Now Learn How To Make Their Own Boozy Potions At This Enchanting Class

Harry Potter Fans Can Now Learn How To Make Their Own Boozy Potions At This Enchanting Class

Robes at the ready, budding witches and wizards – because a seriously enchanting new potions class has arrived in Yorkshire, and it’s perfect for Harry Potter fans.

Found at the mystical 9¾ on York’s most famous street, The Shambles (which is also rumoured to be the inspiration behind Diagon Alley!), The Potions Cauldron has introduced York’s newest and smallest attraction, offering fans the perfect opportunity to practise their potion-making skills.

Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron

Taking place in a top secret chamber at the bustling apothecary, guests can disappear behind the door (which most definitely reminds us of the Room of Requirement!), before learning the secrets of potion-making from The Potions Cauldron’s very own potion masters.

There, guests will be able to try their hand at creating their very own potions – with “poisonous” (read: alcoholic!) cocktails available for the grown-ups to try. A disclaimer though, there’s no guaranteeing any Liquid Luck!

Credit: The Potions Cauldron

Phil Pinder, one of the lead Wizards of the Potions Cauldron, said: “You’ll find a host of new, highly-skilled potion makers who’ve now made their home in the Potions Cauldron and it is a great relief that they are willing to share their skills with our visitors!

“Inside visitors will have the chance to learn secrets from the likes of the great Helena Clogbottom, who is a marvel at restorative potions – and you’ll even have the chance to make and try your own concoctions. There is even rumour that older wizards, those over 18 years old, can even mix up their own slightly ‘poisonous’ potions!”

Keeping a few secrets up their robe sleeves for now, the magical seal is currently set to remain on the full details of the experience, however, The Potions Cauldron has revealed that the chamber will be coming alive with visits from famous, and infamous potion-makers from times past along with other supernatural surprises.

Credit: The Potions Cauldron

The new potions making experience will accommodate up to 12 trainee potion-makers on each 25 minute session, with sessions available for anyone over the age of 5. The poisonous potions class, strictly for wizards 18 and over, lasts approx. 50 minutes and includes alcoholic additions.

The new potions experience is the latest magical offering from the Wizards-in-Chief Phil Pinder and Ben Fry, following the opening of the Potions Cauldron in 2018 and recent success of the Hole In Wand, a Wizard Golf adventure in the Coppergate Centre. Helping York fast become the home of magical adventures in the UK. 

The Potions Experience is available 7 days a week and costs £5.99 per Wizard for a standard session and £7.99 for poisonous potion experience (proof of age required). Pre-booking is recommended online at www.thepotionscauldron.com

[Featured image: Warner Bros]

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