Harry Potter Fans Can Sup On Butterbeer At This Curious York Drinks Emporium

Harry Potter Fans Can Sup On Butterbeer At This Curious York Drinks Emporium

It may have been an entire decade since it ended, but we’re no where near over Harry Potter. And we know we’re not the only ones.

The franchise stole the hearts of millions across the globe, and became the official ‘thing’ that millennials, in particular, forced upon their children for their own benefit. Because, come on, let’s face it, we all secretly want to sit under the famous sorting hat and find out once and for all which house we belong in. I’m apparently a Ravenclaw (according to a broken sorting hat), but we’ll get into that another time.

Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron

Now, us grown ups can finally sack off the kids for a change and enjoy Harry Potter for ourselves – thanks to this seriously impressive Harry Potter-themed Drinks Emporium.

Fittingly situated on the Shambles in York, which has been said to have been JK Rowling’s inspiration behind Diagon Alley, The Potion’s Cauldron takes all things Harry Potter to a whole new level, taking many of the story’s famous potions and turning them into fun drinks for us to enjoy.

And while we absolutely want to have them all to ourselves, there’s plenty of non-alcoholic concoctions to choose from – making it a completely family-friendly experience.

Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron

Mixing up tasty, holographic-looking potions that mix well with the poison of your choice (i.e. gin and vodka!), The Potion’s Cauldron serves up some tasty flavours, including their Basilisk Blood; a mixed fruit/Vimto flavoured potion, Serpents Venom; a lemonade flavoured potion, Unicorn Essence; a tropical fruit flavoured potion, and Tears of a Wizard; a Cream Soda flavoured potion.

Guests can also, of course, enjoy a nice, cold Butterbeer, as well as their Everlasting Potion Phials – a powdered substance that can be added to any drink to give it a magical finish and flavour.

The phials are available both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, with the alcoholic versions including a rum-based ‘poison’, a Vodka origin ‘poison’, a ‘Witche’s Gin’, and a special reserve blended Whiskey ‘poison’. The best part? The phials also include antidotes on the back, which we’re sure will be well-needed the morning after.

Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron

Elsewhere in the shop, guests can pick up relaxing bath potions, potion-themed decanters, Dragon Egg bath bombs, bewitched candles, chocolates, Harry Potter-inspired sweets and more.

Confectionary includes Dumbledore’s favourite Sherbet Lemons, Chocolate Frogs, Unicorn ‘Poo Lumps’ (or fudge, to us Muggles) and more. Mmm, Unicorn Poo.

Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron

Open at 9-and-three-quarters The Shambles every single day, guests can visit The Potion’s Cauldron now between 10am and 6pm, with unique potion-making classes also available to book all the way up to October this year.

For those looking for an even cooler Harry Potter experience, the team behind the Potion’s Cauldron are also preparing to open their incredible ‘Hole In Wand’ crazy golf experience, which is set to open this month.

[Credit: The Potion’s Cauldron]

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