Pubs Can Serve Takeaway Pints In Lockdown ‘Loophole’

Pubs Can Serve Takeaway Pints In Lockdown ‘Loophole’

As we go into the second lockdown this Thursday, restaurants and bars fear that they will have to shut their doors for good. Chains such as Revolution and Pizza Express have had to close restaurants in order to stay open. A lifeline during the first lockdown for bars and pubs was the introduction of takeaway pints. But, the officials had said they would be banned this winter lockdown, which would last until December 2rd.

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It seems that a ‘loophole’ that would allow takeaway booze has been confirmed, according to the Daily Mirror. Punters will be delighted at the news, which would mean they can have a few pints in the safety of their homes. 

This ‘loophole’ could be a real lifeline for some bars who would otherwise see huge amounts of ale go to waste. The legislation would allow for takeaway alcohol to be pre-ordered over phone, web, or post.

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The guidance, published in a Public Health England document, states the ‘methods of sale’ permitted to a ‘restricted’ business include ‘making deliveries in response to orders received through a website, or otherwise by online communication; by telephone, including orders by text message, and by post’.

A person can collect the pre-ordered beers, provided they do not enter the premises, according to the rules.

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