Lidl Is Selling A 12ft Swimming pool For Under £100, And It’s Perfect For Lockdown

Lidl Is Selling A 12ft Swimming pool For Under £100, And It’s Perfect For Lockdown
Perfect for this hot weather, like!

Wow, this must be the hottest spring ever, and with the sun looking like it’s going nowhere (same as all of us) anytime soon, we may as well make the most of the beautiful warm weather before it goes away. Summers in Yorkshire are usually short-lived or completely non-existent, so when it does happen, we like to get out in the sun and burn ourselves to a crisp. And when we do get too hot, there’s only one way to cool down – a nice big swimming pool!

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Helping us to make the most of the glorious weather, Lidl is now selling a huge 12ft pool – and it’s available for under £100. What a bargain. This huge pool is perfect for your back garden and let’s face it, you’d struggle to get to Benidorm for any less. So, with COVID-19 not going anywhere anytime soon, sort yourself and your family out with a lovely pool to while away the summer months.

Credit: Lidl

The pool holds 7,480 litres of water and comes with its own filter and a floating thermometer, so you can see how col dit is before you dive right in. There’s also a plastic surface skimmer to get out anything that may fall into the pool, so you can keep it crystal clear and sparkling (unlike Benidorm beaches).

Although it looks like travel may be allowed sooner than we thought (and pubs might also be opening!), it could be safer to plan a staycation this year and bring the party to your home. Sounds like a great splash doesn’t it!

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