Sean Bean Reveals His Favourite On-Screen Death Of All Time

Sean Bean Reveals His Favourite On-Screen Death Of All Time

Sean Bean has become notorious for dying in films with his on-screen deaths becoming somewhat a running joke with fans.

The Game of Thrones actor who has starred in an array of incredible TV and films broke through into the industry with his brilliant role in the ITV series Sharpe and more recently featured in BBC Drama Marriage.

His roster of films includes some brilliant ones including his portrayal of a terrorist in Patriot Games, where he was impaled by an anchor and a 00 agent turned villain in the James Bond film Goldeneye which had a satellite drop on top of him.

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One of Bean’s biggest roles has to be in the much-loved franchises Lord of the Rings as Boromir and of course Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, both of which he has also killed the latter involving the famous beheading after being double-crossed by the Lannisters in season 1.

Speaking to The Guardian, Bean revealed which of his over 24 on-screen deaths has been the favourite of his career. He described Ned Stark as “a great character” and “a great death”.

Although Bean describes his character Boromir in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as “probably the best death [he’s] ever done.

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Discussing why it was the best he said “Boromir’s was probably the best death I’ve ever done. It was just so heroic and tragic. I did get a reputation for dying on screen but I’d prefer to stay alive now, if you don’t mind.”

Lord of the Rings fans will note that Bean’s death as Boromir was a redemptive death after succumbing to the ring’s evil powers, he and Frodo are ambushed and he seems himself by sacrificing his life to protect Frodo and the ring which leads to him being thrummed with arrows.

It’s not the first time he mentioned Boromir’s death as his favourite, speaking to Radio Time back in 2019 he reiterated the same point saying: “I thought his death was very heroic and triumphant and poignant. It had pathos. And the [frame rate] slowed down and it had great music playing really loud. And it was great to try and fight back – he went on forever,” Bean said, to the RT ‘while miming Boromir’s dying sword strokes’.

He continued “I was very happy with that! Better than a quick death!”

Watch a compilation of some of Sean Bean’s best deaths below:

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