34 Words & Phrases That Only People Who Grew Up In Sheffield Would Understand

34 Words & Phrases That Only People Who Grew Up In Sheffield Would Understand

When you grow up in Yorkshire, the variation on language from town to town can differ. Never mind city to city. So, we asked the people from South Yorkshire city what Sheffield sayings they remember from growing up. And, they did not disappoint.

Yorkshire words and phrases can overlap, but some of these are 100% Sheffield and we know the locals would argue otherwise. Check out the fantastic use of language that has been displayed over the years. Whether it was your gran and grandad who said em or words between friends – it’s great to see that the Yorkshire words and phrases aren’t going anywhere anytime oon.

1. “Put thi Skoyl shoys on”

When the kids need to get a hurry on in’t mornings before school.

2. “He’s a bit of a Mary wet me hands”

3. “Nesh”

4. “Gennel” (with a J sound)

5.  “I’m from sheffeel” NOT Sheffield

How it’s said if you’re from the Steel City.

6. “Well I’ll go to t‘t foot of our stairs”

Meaning if you were flabbergasted by something you’d heard.

7. “Art thou frit?”

Are you scared/ frightened?

8. Putting while in a sentence instead of til

“Am working 9 while 5 this week.”

9. More rattle than a can of mabs

10. Dis, dat, dees an’ doz.

This, that these and those!

11. Yitten

You may have heard this one in you school days. It is a way to say scared

12. Gi thi face a joy ride

Bloody well smile.

13. Nebbin


14. A Y added to any word with ‘ee’ sound

‘Cheyse’, ‘Meyt’, ‘peyes’

15. Shintin

“Our rent man thought I was Chinese when I was growing up when he knocked on the door for the rent I always said shintin….”

16. Don’t dee dah me dah thi sen n see ah dah likes it

17. It’s all mi arse and Peggy Martin

This means, when you heard a story that you don’t think is true and just a load of old rubbish.

18. You fill up my senses, like a gallon of Magnet, like a packet of Woodbines, and a good pinch of snuff!

Sheff United fans will know this one.

19. We’ll meet int twicker wer t’water runs or t’weir

20. Don’t make a “Pippy Show” of yourself.

21. “Get some Hendos on it”

22. Going for a walk round lump

23. Spice

Sweets – “Do you want a spice?”

24. Denk


25. Loppy

“It’s like loppy Lou’s in ere” – meaning it is a mess.

26. Suit thi sen!

It’s up to you/ do you what you like.

27. As tha seen thi arse

You look miserable.

28. Sol long/ il si thi


29. Quit Ruering

Stop crying.

30. Got the face on

In a mood, stroppy.

31. A run around table n a kick at cellar door!!

When you ask your nan what’s for tea.

32. Scutch

A glancing blow, usually to the head.

33. Gerraht o rooward

When your mum is cleaning the house and you get in her way.

34. Wide as wicker arches

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Feature Image Credit: Photo © Andrew Tryon (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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