This Cafe Near Doncaster Has Launched The UK’s Biggest English Breakfast That 17,000 Calories

This Cafe Near Doncaster Has  Launched The UK’s Biggest English Breakfast That 17,000 Calories

You can’t beat a good fry up. It’s one of those meals that the greasier it is, the better it tastes. A plate filled with delights such as black pudding, bacon, sausages, fried bread and more is just what the doctor didn’t order, but wishes he had.

Credit: Shepherds Place

As Northern folk like decent-sized portions at the best of times, it’s no surprise to us that a cafe near Doncaster has created what has been named the ‘UK’s biggest English breakfast.’ And it is massive! If you fancy challenging yourself to this behemoth of a meal, it contains 17,000 calories.

Shepherds Place in Doncaster, which is known for creating huge plates of grub has added the ‘Terminator Armageddon’ to its menu, and we think we are going to have to go and give it a try as it looks too good to be true!

Credit: Shepherds Place

Costing £50, the breakfast includes 150 items such as 15 jumbo Lincolnshire sausages, 15 rashers of bacon, 15 hash browns, 15 fried eggs, 15 slices of black pudding, 15 slices of toast and fried bread with butter, 15 portions of mushrooms, 15 portions of baked beans and 15 portions of tinned tomatoes.

If you manage to clean your plate within the time limit given, you’re able to get your money back. Who is up for the challenge, then?

Credit: Shepherds Place

As well as having these incredible food challenges, Shepherds Farm is also a petting farm with a play barn, and an old round great day out with the family. So, you can come, have a go at the challenge, then give the cute animals a pet whilst you work off the 17,000 calories.

It can be found in Haxey near Doncaster. If you’d like to venture out that way check out their Facebook page here.

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