Some Fans Upset As ‘Refused Entry’ To Ricky Gervais Yorkshire Gig Last Night

Some Fans Upset As ‘Refused Entry’ To Ricky Gervais Yorkshire Gig Last Night

Last night at the York Barbican Theatre comedy legend Ricky Gervais performed to positive reviews from fans that enjoyed his newest stand-up show ‘Armageddon’. Although the night wasn’t without its issues after reports of ticket problems.

People lined the streets waiting to get into Ricky Gervais and took to social media to claim issues with tickets bought via Viagogo, Yorkshire Live reports.

Fans have shared their upset via Twitter with one person saying: “Thoroughly disappointed to be refused entry to your York gig last night. The venue claimed it was you & your team’s decision to not allow tickets purchased, legitimately, via @viagogo to be accepted. We were clearly not the only people effected.”

The leaflet given to customers being refused entry read: “You have been refused entry to York Barbican this evening using your tickets purchased with Viagogo.

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“These tickets were not eligible for resale and have therefore broken the terms of conditions agreed to upon original purchase.

“York Barbican are not affiliated with Viagogo and they are a separate company.”

Some customers claimed that the Barbican was told to by Gervais to not let people in if they’d purchased their tickets via Viagogo, an issue Gervais says he knew nothing about until he went on Twitter.

Gervais described last night’s issue as ‘really annoying’ seemingly unaware of the issue that people were facing outside the venue.

Besides the issue with tickets, people seemed to praise the York gig, which Gervais described as his “favourite gig so far for this tour”.

People took to Twitter to praise the comedian with one person writing: “What a show that was tonight in York! Love the new woke version of @rickygervais funniest show I’ve seen by a mile!”

Another person agreed writing: “Ricky Gervais was unbelievable tonight in York!! Top comedian & he’s a huge supporter for animal rights, so that’s a bonus. Top guy & top night – what a legend.”

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