Find Your Nearest Tango Ice Blast With The Help Of This Map

We are definitely missing the cinema experience since they closed. Paying over the odds for drinks and snacks and sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers and enjoying the whole world cinematic wonders. 

It seems that the only place a Tango Ice Blast could ever be found was at the cinema. Not anymore, the miracles of technology have been tested again with this amazing new map that allows you to find the closest location to you where you can purchase a Tango Ice Blast.

Tango Ice Blast Map
Credit@ Google Maps

Using the map, you can see every single location where you can buy a Tango Ice Blast in the UK. You simply zoom in on an area, and you can see where your closest one is. Fantastic news! Not all heroes wear capes, but whoever made this little ditty needs an award. You can view the map here.

Tango Ice Blast Map
Credit: TangoIceblastUK – Insta

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