Survey Reveals The Food That Gets Yorkshire Folk Feeling Turned On

Survey Reveals The Food That Gets Yorkshire Folk Feeling Turned On

We imagine both food and sex have probably been on the agenda frequently during lockdown (for most), so it’s really no wonder someone’s actually gone out of their way to find out what really turns on some of the UK’s cities.

Getting the lowdown on aphrodisiacs this week, fashion brand Missguided and sexual wellness experts Shushbox found out exactly which foods get the nation feeling frisky – and the results are interesting, to say the least.

Credit: Unsplash

Everyday foods such as chocolate and avocado have been revealed to be fairly “sexy” foods to opt for, apparently getting us hot under the collar and in the mood for a bit of lovin’. Probably watch out for that cheeky avo and toast if your libido has a mind of its own these days!

Ice cream, cheese and bananas were also revealed to be the “most searched” for aphrodisiacs in the UK – proving we tend to like the calorific stuff when it comes to getting in the mood. Here’s what Yorkshire folk revealed turned them on:

Leeds – Chocolate
Sheffield – Chocolate
York – Chilli Peppers

Credit: Missguided

Other cities such as Glasgow, Bristol, Newcastle and Nottingham opted for chocolate similarly to Yorkshire, according to Google data, with cheese following closely behind as a popular aphrodisiac for Manchester, Nottingham, Brighton and Dublin. Very saucy indeed.

Next time you feel like getting frisky, maybe try dipping into a naughty camembert, or try smothering the Mrs with a bit of Dairy Milk. Sensual, eh?

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