Tesco Has Launched A Christmas Dinner Yorkshire Pudding Wrap – And It Sounds Amazing

Joining the Christmas bandwagon just this week, Tesco has released a genius ‘Turkey Trimmings’ Yorkshire pudding wrap, and it brings up the age old question: ‘Does a Yorkshire pudding belong on a Christmas dinner?’. If you’re asking The Yorkshireman, we say of course! We believe there isn’t a meal that a Yorkshire pudding wouldn’t improve. Breakfast, brunch, dinner and tea, Yorkshire pud goes with ’em all! 

Credit: Tesco

So, what can you expect from Tesco’s festive Yorkshire pud wrap? It’s made pre-packed, making for the perfect winter lunch, and includes turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. All the flavours of Christmas tucked inside a lovely fluffy Yorkshire pud.

The new festive treat will set you back just £2.75, and is available now in stores across the UK. Instagram account John’s Snack Reviews posted the news to their page earlier today saying:

“NEW Turkey Trimmings Yorkshire Pudding Wrap at Tesco! Pre Packed Sandwich – £2.75. Out now! Made with Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce!”

Speaking of Yorkshire puds, frozen food experts Aunt Bessie’s, celebrated 25 years of their frozen puds this week with a 25-tier cake of Yorkshire puds, and we have to say, we were seriously impressed at the effort.

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