Eat Yorkshire Puddings Wraps Every Day Of The Year At Yorkshire Food Stall

Yorkshire puddings are an institution in Yorkshire. If you don’t like a good ol’ Yorkshire pud are you even from God’s Own Country? The Yorkshire pudding has been around for decades, and always will be… It’s in the name after all. And celebrating the delicious treat the only way we know how, this Leeds-based company have put a modern twist on a classic with the Yorkshire Pudding wrap. That’s right, they’ve updated the Yorkshire pud and made it into a street food essential. And did we mention it’s to die for?

Credit: Yorkshire Pudding Wrap Company

Situated in Leeds Kirkgate Market, The Yorkshire Wrap Company are doing special things to our precious puffs of golden pastry! Street food is the trend at the minute, and Leeds has a variety of different cuisines scattered about its city centre. From Vietnamese street food to Italian, you can get various flavours to what suits your taste. So it’s great to see this company celebrating the Yorkshire pud.

Credit: Yorkshire Pudding Wrap Company

They have a varied selection for you to try, us particularly loving their innovative breakfast wrap! It is filled with bacon, sausage, egg, and tomato, all wrapped in a delicious freshly made Yorkshire pudding wrap. Supplied from quality local butchers, they slow roast their pork and beef overnight for your tastebud’s pleasure – and they also have a few specials going depending on what they fancy.

The Yorkshire Pudding Wraps Company do events with their food truck, too, so if you like them as much as we do, make sure you keep your eyes peeled on where they’re headed next. You can also check out their website if you’d like to book them for an event of your own. And if a solo garden party which involves just me and a pud, I’m in!

Open from 9 am, we highly recommend stopping by if you’re in Leeds. And if you would like to see more of what this amazing company have to offer head to their Facebook page here.

The Yorkshire Wrap Company, Food Hall, Leeds Kirkgate Market, Cafe B, 34 George St, Leeds LS2 7HY

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