The Yorkshire Coast Pub That Sits On One Of The Fastest-Eroding Coastlines In Europe

The Yorkshire Coast Pub That Sits On One Of The Fastest-Eroding Coastlines In Europe

The Yorkshire Coast is a beautiful part of the world. Along the coastline are various seaside towns with beautiful sandy beaches stretching for miles. But as well as offering stunning views, there is also an air of danger to the coast as the landlord of The Sellwood Arms knows all too well.

Formerly known as Double Dutch, the pub is located on the East Yorkshire coastline between Hornsea and Withernsea in an area that suffers from coastal erosion like no other.

The Sellwood Arms Yorkshire Coast
Credit: Photo © Andy Beecroft (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Known as one of the fastest-eroding coastlines in Europe, the owner, and landlord of The Sellwoord Arms on the Yorkshire Coast, Helen Wine says you can feel the “feel that tremor underneath” when the sea pummels the cliffside, I-News reports.

She said: ““People come into the pub, nervous, thinking we are about to drop off the edge of the cliff. They ask ‘how long have you got?’ My partner says: ‘long enough for a couple of pints’.”

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The incredible pub is located just off the holiday park and offers views overlooking the sea. It caters to locals and the holiday park’s clientele offering stained glass windows and a proper coach house feel.

It’s a proper pub serving a range of fantastic ales with an unmatched view of the North Sea. And, what a shame it would be to see it be taken by the sea.

Coastal erosion occurs when waves pound the beaches, and the stretch of this Yorkshire coastline has been affected by stronger storms and bigger waves.

The Sellwood arms Yorkshire Coast
Credit: The Sellwood arms Yorkshire Coast

It was reported that Ms Vine said she may only have 20 years left according to the local council with others saying she could have 40 to 50 years.

It’s said y the council that the area’s rate of erosion is between 0.4 to 4 metres per year, but scientists say that sea level rise and increase of storms and extreme weather will increase the erosion.

Either way, it’s the perfect excuse to go visit this unique pub The Sellwood Arms for a pint whilst you’ve got the chance. It’s on our ever-expanding list of places this summer that’s for sure.

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