Tinder Swindler Has Reportedly Been Operating In North Yorkshire, According To Police

Tinder Swindler Has Reportedly Been Operating In North Yorkshire, According To Police

New Netflix documentary Tinder Swindler, follows the story of girls who are tricked into giving vast sums of money to a man who they thought was their boyfriend. The new show has everyone hooked, but it gets more real when you hear that he’s operating in the North Yorkshire region.

According to YorkMix, North Yorkshire police have revealed residents in the area were conned out of more than half a million pounds to romance fraudsters last year.

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The true-crime documentary highlights how Israeli con man Shimon Hayut managed to steal thousands of pounds from several people all over the world using the popular dating app to meet unsuspecting targets

Selling himself as a billionaire diamond heir he would con women out of hundreds of thousands of pounds. It’s easy to sit and think how do people fall for such things, but these are professionals that are very convincing.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said.“Romance fraudsters are cunning, manipulative and often highly sophisticated in their approach.

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“They tap into our innate human desire to be loved and prey on goodwill and trust. Online dating sites and apps give them free rein to target multiple victims at the same time, whilst creating layers of deception.”

Police say: “we’d still recommend reading our tips to stay safe”, which we’ve listed below.

Tips to look out for with fraudsters

  • Are the photos someone is using on their profile genuine? Use Google reverse image search to find out.
  • Have you ever seen the individual in person or on video call? Scammers will often use fake images and won’t use video chat.
  • Have they asked you for money? Even a small amount should ring alarm bells.
  • Is there anything about your interactions with the individual that don’t feel right? Trust your instincts.
  • Think twice before using your webcam. Even if you think you know the person, footage can be used against you.
  • Ask a lot of questions. You might feel like you’re interrogating them but your safety is the upmost priority.
  • If you’re meeting up with someone, tell at least two trusted friends where you’re going and when you are home again.
  • Do as much research on the person as you can.
  • Be suspicious of anyone showing or claiming to lead a highly luxurious lifestyle – where do they get their money?

If you have information on suspected fraud, you can call North Yorkshire Police on 101.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram/@simon_leviev_official

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