How This Spooky Shop Became York’s ‘Most Popular Tourists Attraction’ With 3-Hour Queues

How This Spooky Shop Became York’s ‘Most Popular Tourists Attraction’ With 3-Hour Queues

The Yorkshire Ghost Merchants is the first of its kind in the world – and with York being ‘known as the most haunted city in Europe’ – it is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist spots in the historic city with queues along the Shambles every day.

Social media has played a part in these ghost figures becoming the must-have souvenir. Loads of videos of user’s trips to the shop have racked up millions of views. So, much so that the York Ghost Merchants opening a bigger location.

Watch TikToker @jackietodd_ trip to The York Ghost Moerchant below:

One video by TikTok user @thenavigatio has 1.4 million views on the video with over 151k likes – and others have similar engagment. You couldn’y pay for advertisement like that!

The handmade tpys are all unique and there shouldn’t be any made that are alike and are proving the must-have souvenir from a trip to York.

Watch @thenavigatio viral video which explains The York Ghost Merchants shop below:

How much are the ghosts from The York Ghost Merchants?

The Original Ghosts are £17 Little Ghosts £9. The Polished Ghosts are £25 and £13 accordingly. Rare and unusual at prices from £15 upwards.

But it’s not just the shop that is doing well, The York Ghost Merchants online shop “ghost in the post” has proved just as popular. So much so, they have had to upgrade with a second location for the main operations.

A new base is set to open in St Saviourgate, but the Shamble shop will be very much the ‘heart’ of the business. The Shambles is a magical place in itself – so the combination of the two can’t be denied.

Co-owner Angus McArthur said the ‘company headquarters’ will be be in the Georgian townhouse at 31, St Saviourgate making space for a larger a range daily functions including workshop, pack and dispatch, offices, stagg room, archice and public spaces for exhibitions and gathering.

Posting to Facebook earlier this month the Ghost Merchants in York wrote: “We have named this Ghost St. Saviour to mark the move to our new building at 31 St Saviourgate.

“It felt important to celebrate the move into the new workshop with a Ghost and make it available as an open release. This was the first larger batch made in the new building and its colours were suggested by the building itself.

“When we took on No.31 it had been an accountancy office for many years and we have over the last 12 weeks largely removed the magnolia & fluorescent evidence of corporate 21st century life and returned the interiors to their eighteenth century origin.”

“The St Saviour Ghost is coloured with the Georgian green that now covers the walls of our showroom & uncannily matches the layer of paint found on the original boards of the first floor hallway. These Ghosts feel very at home here. Each will be base stamped with “St Saviour” in the same handwritten font the can be found on Peter Chassereau’s wonderful 1750 plan of York.”

“St Saviour Ghosts will not be available to buy from the shop although a limited number of prototypes will be stamped as such and in the shop from Friday morning.”

“Open order from the shop on our website, Ghosts will appear between 7pm – 8pm BST Friday 22nd July. £17.00 + P&P. All orders placed in the timeframe will be honoured. Sadly we can not supply to those who miss the order window.”

Address: The York Ghost Merchants, 6 Shambles, York YO1 7LZ

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