The Top 10 Yorkshire Phrases And What They Mean

The Top 10 Yorkshire Phrases And What They Mean

“Ey up, yer bloody bugger! How’s thee gannin’?”. We know Yorkshire words and phrases can be confusing for some folk, so we’ve put together a simple top 10 Yorkshire phrases that’ll get you through conversation with us Yorkshire folk without having to stare at us baffled and confused.

Yorkshire, otherwise known as “God’s Own Country“, is the largest county in England and with the rolling hills, buzzing cities and quaint villages come a range of differing dialects. So, if you’re looking to visit the Northern county we have given you a few words and phrases you can look back at and even try out. Think of it like when you go to France and say Merci for everything and start putting on a slight French accent to fit in.

From Sheffield, all the way up to the coastline of Whitby a true Yorkshireman can confuse even the brightest of sparks, but a friendly “ey up” or “now then” goes a long way.

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1. “Ey up”

A friendly greeting ‘ey up’ is a Yorkshireman’s way of saying hello. They may also use the phrase ‘now then’ or ‘nar then’, but we don’t want to confuse you right from the start.

2. “It’ll be reyt”

Possibly the most commonly used phrase in Yorkshire ‘it’ll be reyt’, ‘be reyt’, or just ‘reyt’ is Yorkshire folk way of dealing with most problems.

3. “‘Ow much?”

Top 10 Yorkshire Phrases
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Said a lot at the minute due to the cost of living. Londoners will have most likely heard this cry, when a Yorkshireman gets to the bar and is told the price of the round he’s just got at the local boozer.

4. “Si thee”

This is usually said after the Yorkshireman has just heard how much a pint is down in London. It means goodbye.

5. “Ee, by gum”

It means ‘by god’ and is Yorkshire folk replacing swearwords with “ee ba gum”. It’s not just used as a way of showing disbelief or not wanting to be inappropriate.

6. “C’unt”

No, we aren’t been rude. Yorkshire folk are known for being short and not ones to mince their words and this is our way of saying couldn’t in the shortest way possible. And, plus it’s fun to say.

7. “I’m nithered”

Top 10 Yorkshire Phrases
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Applicable to this time of year, ‘I’m nithered’ means cold and is usually followed by a Yorkshire dad saying ‘we’ll you can put a coyt on cos am not touching the thermostat’.

8. Cocker

A term of endearment. You may say “Ey up, cocker” as a greeting to a friend or acquaintance.

9. Put wood in’t ‘ole

This could be said with nithered as a sign of being cold. It means shut that bloody door. This time of year it definitely has to be in the top 10 Yorkshire phrases.

10. Chuffin’

A slang phrase with a similar meaning to “bloody hell” or the even more offensive “fucking hell”, albeit milder and less forceful. Originates from Yorkshire.

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