This Happy Yorkshire Dog Has Been Named The Most Stylish In The UK

This Happy Yorkshire Dog Has Been Named The Most Stylish In The UK

We’re all guilty of it… Every one of us has done it… Sat and stared at your pet thinking “he’d look cool in some sweet shades or a flat cap”. Then, we put them through the fun of dressing them up like us for our own amusement. Whether they do it to make us happy or are just good boys, our pets suffer through our little dress-ups for two minutes of human fulfilment.

And now, Tic Watches has taken it one step further and made it into a competition – and I would say it’s a bad thing, until I noticed that a Yorkshire pet came in at number one. So now, obviously, it’s the greatest thing ever!

Claire Burke, 55 from Skipton, was crowned the winner of the competition for an adorable photo of Lily, her nine-year-old Whippet. Couldn’t get anymore Yorkshire than a Whippet now, could you? Lily beat 130 entries to become top dog in this prestigious event, which is a pretty impressive feat given all she had to do was wear some Ray Bans. Check out who the little cutie took on to be crowned number one!

1. Lily – Whippet

Owner: Claire Burke (Skipton)

Lily smiled her way to victory and was named top dog, winning her owner, Claire, a brand new designer watch. You can follow more of Lily and her sister Fern’s adventures on the Dogs in the Dales Facebook page. 

2. Cara – Scottish Fold

Owner: Victoria Minihane (Birmingham)

Cara is one cool cat with her snazzy John Lennon-esque sunglasses – a perfect fit for her rockstar swagger.

3. Morkie Yorkshire Terrier cross-breed

Owner: Adam Law (Hamilton)

Morkie has summer nailed and is living her best life with big sunglasses and an ice cream wafer.

4. Strippey – Lop Eared Rabbit cross

Owner: Rosanne Francis (Colchester)

Strippey is one sunny bunny and loves nothing more than chilling out with owner Rosanne.

5. Moriarty – German Shepherd

Owner: Teresa Thorne (Newton Abbot)

Moriarty looks like he’s come straight from a Sherlock Holmes mystery, with a stylish hat and sunglasses combo.

6. Pluto – German Shepherd

Owner: Louise France (Preston)

Another German Shepherd prepped for the sun, Pluto’s BBQ outfit is out of this world.

7.  Parsley – Cockapoo

Owner: JoAnn Taylor (Brentwood)

Parsley the Cockapoo is making waves at the beach with his colourful Hawaiian shirt and shades.

8. Lulu – Chihuahua

Owner: Zoe Corbin (London)

Lulu may have picked the wrong size sunglasses, but she’s not letting that stop her from looking fabulous.

9. Arthur – Bernese Mountain Dog

Owner: James Roff (Bournemouth)

Arthur may look like he’s judging you, but really he’s just making sure you know how gorgeous he is.

10. Toto – French Bulldog

Owner: Amelia Avossa (Leicester)

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