This Magical Harry Potter-Themed Mini Golf Has New Forbidden Forest-Themed Hole In York

This Magical Harry Potter-Themed Mini Golf Has New Forbidden Forest-Themed Hole In York

It’s half term, and the weather is starting to improve after a cold winter meaning parents are going to want to head out with their kids. And, why not head to the historical city of York? Especially now the popular wizard-themed mini golf course has a brand new hole.

The Forest Awakens is a mystical new course inspired by Dalby Forest which will challenge the little witches and wizards along with all the other fabulous holes at The Hole in Wand.

Watch our experience of The Hole In Wand from 2022 below:

Opening back in May 2021, the attraction has proved to be one of the most popular in the city, which is no surprise as the nine-hole course is a magical adventure.

With riddles to solve, and courses to complete as you wind through the inventive and immersive experience. The new makeover aims to make great use of the space, according to Ben Fry, co-owner of The Hole In Wand in York & Blackpool.

Oliver Brayshaw, Chief Wizard, at The Hole In Wand, said: “We are excited to reveal the new holes at the venue, we know that our visitors are really going to enjoy them.

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“Both hole 6 and 7 are quite eery but great fun. We have designed and built the holes and upgraded the tavern with the visitor journey in mind to ensure that everyone that visits has a fantastic experience.”

Located opposite the Jorvik Viking Centre in Coppergate, it’s ‘the World’s Most Magical Golf Course’ where young wizards can encounter bubbling cauldrons, magical portals, and more.

forest-themed hole york

If you reckon you can make a hole-in-one and beat everyone else then head down. Afterwards, you can enjoy Serpent, Basilisk, Unicorn or Wizard as a magic potion gift to take home.

They also have a wonderful cafe and gift shop to fill up on grub after you’ve taken on all nine holes.

To find out more or book a ticket, visit the website here.

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