This Yorkshire Area Has Been Named One Of The UK’s Top 10 ‘Golden Corridors’ To Live

This Yorkshire Area Has Been Named One Of The UK’s Top 10 ‘Golden Corridors’ To Live

In our eyes, everything in Yorkshire is touched by gold. From the sleepy villages to the bustling cities. But The Telegraph has been more methodical and named these ‘golden corridors’ across the UK Yorkshire has the most affordable of the corridors. And even that is bloomin’ pricey.

As part of its research, the papar named these ‘corridors’, which are basically the most desired places to live in the UK. And, the stretch between Ilkley to York, which takes in Harrogate and Whetherby was named one of them. It’s the illusive combination of convenience, commutability and good schools, as well as lifestyle and celebrity residents that defines these corridors. And of course it does help that this rea of Yorkshire has Areas of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB) and national parks nearby.

In the Yorkshire corridor from Ilkley to York the average house price is £394,159 with Ilkey being the most priciest spot to live with average house prices at £540,623. York, on the more affordable end with house prices at £335,425.

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Boston Spa located within this region is noted at being the most ‘desirable’ village within this region with its good schools, Georgian architecture and places to eat, drink and its library and tennis blub as well. Leeds United training ground is near by also with some players livoing in the area.

Justin Johnson of Hunters singles out Boston Spa, on the River Wharfe, as one of the most “desirable” villages, well loved for its Georgian architecture. He says popularity has soared over the past few years, for many reasons. Property prices reflect this with a four bedroom detached house in the centre of the village costing £1.2mil.

More affordable housing can be found in the market town of Tadcaster, home to the famous Sam Smith’s brewery, along with John Smith’s and Coors breweries. A detached four-bed costs around £425,000 here. It’s schools are of a good standard also.

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