This Yorkshire Bar Has Created A Fish & Chips Cocktail That Tastes Of Summer

This Yorkshire Bar Has Created A Fish & Chips Cocktail That Tastes Of Summer

There is something about the Great British summer that is unique to this little island. Whether it’s the chance of rain at any given moment, visits to the seaside or impromptu BBQs using those cheap disposable ones from the supermarket. Well, swimwear brand and award-winning Leeds cocktail bar have joined forces to create the ultimate Great British Summer cocktails.

Credit: Pour Moi/Hedonist Drinks

The Yorkshire bar has nailed the brief with these four crazy cocktail recipes inspired by the Great British Summer. The most unique one has to be their take on the classic seaside treat, fish & chips. No, it’s not that bottom bit of vinegar that you get at the bottom of a cone of chips. It’s made using smoked Salmon infused gin, dill-infused dry vermouth, a pinch of sea salt, and lemon zest. Reckon you’d try a fish & chips martini?

Credit: Pour Moi/Hedonist Drinks

Our favourite has to be The Hedonist’s cocktail version of a 99 ice cream, which is made using vanilla vodka, stroopwafel syrup, oat milk, squirty cream, chocolate flake garnish. They sound so moreish, things could get out of hand if we started making these on a summer’s day. To make simply ombine the rest of the drink ingredients into a shaker, fill with ice and shake vigorously until chilled, pour in a glass and top with squirty cream and a flake.

The other two cocktails are Burnt BBQ Sour, which is a take on a classic GB BBQ and a Twisted Tipple which is inspired by the childhood favourite Twister Lolly.

Michael Thomson, founder of Pour Moi, says “It has been so much fun creating these cocktail recipes.

“We know our customers love to enjoy a cocktail by the pool on their holidays, so we thought we’d create some new and original tipples for them to try that celebrate the Great British summer holiday.

“Some of the recipes are a bit out there, but that’s what makes them so fun – they’ll certainly be a talking point of your summer garden or pool party!”

You can find the recipes for these classic cocktails here.

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