This Yorkshire Town Has Appeared On Kim Kardashian’s ‘A***’

This Yorkshire Town Has Appeared On Kim Kardashian’s ‘A***’

You could have named every other place in the world to end up on Kim Kardashian’s arse before you got to this Yorkshire market town, but hey ho. It seems that good ol’ Barnsley’s claim to fame doesn’t just sit with Kes anymore.

Kim Kardashian was spotted in Paris yesterday with a Balenciaga outfit that made a nod towards the Yorkshire Town, which baffled a lot of Yorkshire folk who picked up in it.

The 41-year-old reality star was wearing a black Balenciaga bodysuit with an interesting feature. It had a set of tour dates for a fictional band named the Speedhunters, and sat at the top of the dates was Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The faux tour also included other cities and towns in the UK, France, Finland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, and Australia.

She was photographed in the outfit with her nine-year-old daughter North West, who she had with rapper Kanye.

The reason for Barnsley featuring on Kardashian’s outfit is quite simple as it is reportedly a nod to Balenciaga’s team’s birthdays and birthplaces.

Barnsley locals were perplexed with one person tweeting: “Why is Barnsley on ar**?”

Another said: “Kim Kardashian has got Barnsley written on her a. I s* you not, we are f***ing massive.”

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Feature Image Credit: Photo © Alan Murray-Rust (cc-by-sa/2.0)/ @Kimkardashian Instagram

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