Yorkshire Coastal Town School Inundated With Global After Thor The Walrus’ Visit

Yorkshire Coastal Town School Inundated With Global After Thor The Walrus’ Visit

Thor the walrus sparked excitement last month as he visited the coastal town of Scarborough. And, it seems that his presence is still being felt as enquiries from abroad for admissions to a school in Scarborough rockets.

The big ol’ walrus visited Scarbrough just before New Year’s, and the town cancelled its firework display so they didn’t scare the creature as he rested up.

And not Scarborough College received more than 40 international enquiries according to the BBC.

Credit: Credit: James Spencer

It was reported that Councillor Steve Siddons said that of the new popularity that “any publicity is good publicity”.

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He continued: “Of all the things we have done in this borough over the last few years, I never really expected the appearance of a walrus to overtake all the great work that has been done,” he said.

“But nevertheless, as they say, any publicity is good publicity.”

Councillor Guy Smith said Scarborough College had since received enquiries from all over the world has “been really taken in with it all and they want to bring their children to be educated here”, he said.

Credit: James Spencer

Exciting times for Scarborough, which has a rich heritage being the oldest seaside town in the UK.

The Yorkshire coast has seen an array of visitors over the last few years including an albatross, which comes back every year and dolphins which have been spotted along the coast at various points.

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