An Adorable Pod Of Dolphins Spotted Swimming Along A Boat On The Yorkshire Coast

An Adorable Pod Of Dolphins Spotted Swimming Along A Boat On The Yorkshire Coast

Dolphins were caught swimming alongside a boat in along the Yorkshire Coast near Runswick Bay this month – and we couldn’t be more jealous.

The footage shows beautifully clear waters that would make you think they were abroad somewhere a little more exotic than God’s Own Country, with the beautiful shoreline in the distance.

The dolphins swim right alongside the boat, almost gliding through the water whilst onlookers enjoy the special moment.

Pod Of Dolphins Yorkshire Coast

Luckily for us, one person thought to get their phone out and capture the unique event – which must have been so special.

Posting to Instagram Runswick Bay Cottages Wrote: “Just one of those days on the boat……the water is so clear at the moment”.

One person wrote: “Amazing!!! How wonderful Runswick must be this glorious summer!”

A second wrote: “We saw them at Sandsend last year. It was amazing”

Whilst another wrote: “wow!!’ Amazing” which other users agreed with wholeheartedly.

Last year, dolphins fancied their first Christmas in Yorkshire as a pod of bottlenose dolphins was spotted along the Yorkshire coast for the first time ever. And, we don’t blame them, we love a good walk along the beach to work off the Christmas pud.

Who needs the Gulf of Mexico when you have the Yorkshire coast, eh? Often overlooked as a place where you can see stunning wildlife – particularly sea life – the Yorkshire coast is actually home to pods of beautiful mammals that are usually only associated with warmer climates: dolphins!

If you’d like to go out and see such sights yourself Whitby Coastal Cruises – a company that just so happens to know all of the best sea life hotspots in North Yorkshire – allowing both Yorkshire folk and tourists alike to enjoy some of God’s Own Country’s rarest sights.

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