Arctic Walrus Spotted For The First Time In Living Memory In Scarborough Harbour

Arctic Walrus Spotted For The First Time In Living Memory In Scarborough Harbour

Looks like Scarbados’ popularity is spreading as a friend from the Arctic has made his way over to the oldest seaside town for New Year’s Eve. The walrus in Scarborough harbour was spotted last night.

The animal thought to be a Thor has been spotted and photographed at Scarborough Harbour on Friday evening. It’s speculated that the Atlantic walrus could have come from as far as Canada,

It said that it could be wandering before making its way back to its natural Arctic habitat. Walruses tend to spend several days at sea before coming ashore to rest.

Walrus Scarborough
Credit: James Spencer

The male is said to have been seen on beaches in Hampshire earlier in the month along with the Netherlands and France.

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Walruses are extremely rare in the UK with only two other ‘Wally and Freya’ recorded as being spotted off British shores in the last two years, according to the Yorkshire Post.

Wildlife charities have advised people to keep their distance and avoid approaching. Dogs are to be kept away from him as well.

People have been fascinated by the creature posting images to social media. One person wrote: “theres a walrus lost in scarborough. so hes just decided to knock one out in front of us all on the pier.”

The video was taken at 1am in Scarborough on the 31st December. Check it out below:

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