Timothy Spall Gives ‘Performance Of A Life Time’ In BBC True Crime Drama

Timothy Spall Gives ‘Performance Of A Life Time’ In BBC True Crime Drama

The newest BBC crime drama The Sixth Commandment, based on the true story tells the chilling true tale of how a young student called Ben Field gaslit and abused two neighbours, and murdered one.

During last night’s episode viewers were in awe of Timothy Spall’s performance as Peter Farquhar, a teacher who was conned by student Field.

The four-part series tells the story of the incident that took place in the early 2010s that saw Field convince Farquhar that he was in love with him.

He then moved into the ex-academic’s house, leading to the pair becoming ‘betrothed’ and convincing the older gentleman to make him the sole beneficiary from his will.

Credit: BBC

Field then started to drug Farquhar with hallucinogenic drugs to the extent he ‘became a dribbling shambles of his former self’, according to prosecutors later on.

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In 2015 Field then killed the 69-year-old making it appear that it was due to alcoholism. He then targets Farquhar’s neighbours, tricking Anne Moore-Martin into a relationship.

Field was reported to the police by a relative of Anne’s after they became suspicious and Field was then linked to the Farquhar’s murder.

Spall’s portrayal of Farquhar was praised by viewers with one person writing: “How good was that? Timothy Spall is brilliant.”

Another wrote: “Wow, just watched the 1st episode of The Sixth Commandment on BBC1 and it is genius.“

“Timothy Spall gives the performance of his life. So moving! A frightening story.”

If you’d like to catch up with the first two episodes you can via BBC iPlayer here, or the next episode will be on Monday at 9pm on BBC One.

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