TV Chef Tom Kerridge’s New Posh Fish & Chips At Harrod’s Are Eye-Wateringly Expensive

TV Chef Tom Kerridge’s New Posh Fish & Chips At Harrod’s Are Eye-Wateringly Expensive

The price of fish & chips seems to be turning up in the news quite frequently at the moment. A Yorkshire dad was flabbergasted in London when he paid £54 for four fish & chips whilst visiting his son. If he was shocked by that, the price of Tom Kerridge’s fish & chips at Harrods would give him a heart attack.

Credit: Harrods

The Michelin-starred chef’s fish & chips that he has elevated to new heights , which includes market day fish, chips, curry sauce, tartare sauce and pease pudding, will set you back £35 at the TV chefs gourmet chippie.

“Hoooow muuchh?” That’s right, £35 for fish & chips, and that is the cheapest main dish at the diner, which opens this Friday. Obviously, it will be some of the best fish & chips you’ll have ever tasted as Tom Kerridge is an amazing chef, but it’s still fun to shout the Yorkshire calling card.

Credit: Pixabay

If that wasn’t enough of a shock to the system, diners who have £495 to spare can have chips topped with 250g of caviar and crème fraîche. The posh London store is known for creating an experience you won’t forget in a hurry – so maybe get it for your dad as a father’s day present.

Credit: @GordonRamsey

It reminds us of a similar story last year when Chef Gordon Ramsay’s fish & chips went viral when he was charging a massive £18.50 for his fish & chips.

Here in Yorkshire, we do some of the best fish & chips where you’ll get scraps and change for a tenner. Check out some of the best chippies in Yorkshire here.

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Feature Image Credit: Harrods/ Pixabay

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