This Study Has Named The Best Biscuit For Dunking In Your Brew

This Study Has Named The Best Biscuit For Dunking In Your Brew

There is nothing better in the world than a good cup of tea. If a workmate, family member or friend offers you a brew it is fair to say there aren’t many Yorkshire folk that are gunna turn it down. But, what biscuit are you having with it?

A tough question for some. You may love a plain digestive or a sucker for something a lot more chocolatey. We all know no one is reaching for a Rich Tea, as they are crap for dunking according to legend Peter Kay.

Well according to a biscuit comparative study. there is an answer to this question. This study by scientists in Cardiff who tested the Hobnob-style, digestive, shortie, and rich tea came up with a conclusive winter.

Best Biscuit For Dunking
Credit: Unsplash

The study revealed that oat biscuits (the Hobnob variety) were considered the best biscuit for dunking. The reason was that after a two-second dunk, the oat biscuit lasted the longest.

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It managed to last a whole 29 seconds after being dunked which gives you plenty of time to get it in your gob before it breaks.

The shortie biscuit came in second place with 17.5 seconds a whole 11.5 seconds behind the winner with the digestive in third at 8.5 seconds.

And the rich tea, we believe is somewhere at the bottom of the scientist’s cup…

But it wasn’t a clear-cut victory for the Hobnob-style biccies as the digestive retained more of its crunch after being dipped, which for us is more of a win as we like a bit of crunch with our dunk.

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