Wetherspoons To Re-Open UK Pubs “In Or Around June”

Wetherspoons To Re-Open UK Pubs “In Or Around June”

It’d be an understatement to say that we’ve all missed the pub. We miss it dearly, and we’re very patiently awaiting that first sup of a refreshing brew after a long time stuck in the safety of our homes. And after a successful lockdown keeping each other safe, we’ll 100% deserve it.

But it appears some establishments have their eyes set on that moment sooner rather than later, as Wetherspoon’s has announced that they’re planning to reopen in just one months time, according to Sky News.

Confirming the news in a tweet, Sky News reported: “Pub chain Wetherspoon’s says it is starting to plan for the reopening of its pubs “in or around June”

And while it’s a welcome idea for all of us, it’s currently unconfirmed when the UK lockdown will lift, as the government continue to fight an uphill battle of increased confirmed cases and Coronavirus related deaths.

Pubs and restaurants were ordered to close on March 20, and have thus far not been given permission to re-open their doors, with the exception of restaurants providing takeaway services.

Wetherspoon’s chairman Tim Martin recently rubbed the public up the wrong with a series of comments, including heavy criticism of the “over the top” lockdown restrictions and even a statement to staff saying he wouldn’t be paying them until the government furlough scheme came into action.

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