Yorkshire Bakery Has Gone Viral With Its ‘Vulva Doughtnuts’ – Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Yorkshire Bakery Has Gone Viral With Its ‘Vulva Doughtnuts’ – Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Who’d have thought another bakery would be causing a stir on social media? Well, we thought Get Baked’s ‘sprinklegate’ was crazy, but Doe in North Yorkshire has gone viral with their ‘vulva doughnuts’, which have proved a popular hit with customers.

The Owner of the York bakery, which also has stores, Evie Jackson, is savvy with her choice of baked goods and has caught the attention of social media with her incredible “vulva-nuts”.

Credit: Doe Bakehouse

Doe describes their new creation as “ho guessed it 👀 a strawberry glazed donut vulva?? (With a strawberry lace, sprinkle pubes & a hidden chocolate egg)”.

Channel 4’s popular daytime show Steph’s Packed Lunch, which is filmed in Leeds shared to her Twitter saying: “Interesting choice of post show treats in the @PackedLunchC4 green room today…….”

The idea has a sweet story (pardon the pun) that came from a mother who wanted the equivalent of a penis-shaped doughnut to celebrate her daughter coming out.

There is always one though and although lots of people have shown their support for the North Yorkshire bakeries ingenuity, one mardy York resident wasn’t happy and took the time to email to show her contempt.

The bakery owner shared the email on the shop’s Instagram, which said they were “Not exactly something you would expect in the York area. Who do you think it would attract?”

Evie rightly defended her decision saying that “the doughnuts have brought in a whole new customer base” and the “perfect present for Valentine’s Day”.

Credit: Doe Bakehouse

Doe only began back in 2020 and has flourished since opening with three stores, two of which are in York. They do any ever changing menu of delicious doughnuts, brownies and more as well as serving barista coffee and more – next time you’re in York make sure you hit them up.

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