Dolphins Have Been Spotted Swimming In The River Ouse In Goole

Dolphins Have Been Spotted Swimming In The River Ouse In Goole

While many a Yorkshireman might shudder at the thought of visiting Goole (sorry, Goole, we jest – of course), two dolphins have been spotted more than 40-miles inland – looking pretty chuffed about their frolic in the East Yorkshire town’s waters.

Credit: Bethan Clyne

And while East Yorkshire’s seas are no stranger to a visit from both dolphins and porpoise, it’s not an everyday occurrence that a bottlenose dolphin will venture into freshwater, particularly so far inland.

Spotted near Boothferry Bridge on Sunday, the stunning mammals appear to have visited the area numerous times in the past week to feed on fish stocks, before heading back towards the sea to saltier waters.

Credit: Bethan Clyne

Speaking of the incredible sighting, marine mammal medic Bethan Clyne said: “They came in with the high tide again last night (Sunday), so as far as we can tell they are repeating the same pattern.

“They still look healthy so we’ll keep our eye on them, as long as they stay healthy we’re not overly concerned at this stage.”

Adding: “For a period of time, it seemed like they were actively feeding as the tide came in. It looked like a flatfish being pushed to the surface by the adult on top of its beak. I was lucky enough to even see the calf fully breach out of the water.

“They then swam back up the river from Hook Island towards Boothferry Bridge and proceeded to swim and (what looked like) feed around the bridge.

“As amazing as it is to have these beautiful creatures on our doorstep, let’s hope they can navigate their own way back to sea soon.”

Credit: Bethan Clyne

While bottlenose dolphins are commonly associated with warmer climates, the mammals are extremely “adaptable”, says expert Clyne, with one particular pod of the species actually taking up permanent residence at an undisclosed location on the North-East Yorkshire coast.

The dolphins will continue to be monitored to ensure they are not stranded inland.

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[Featured image: Bethan Clyne]

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