York’s Medieval Street Receives Brutal 1-Star TripAdvisor Reviews For Being ‘Full Of Bumpy Cobbles’

York’s Medieval Street Receives Brutal 1-Star TripAdvisor Reviews For Being ‘Full Of Bumpy Cobbles’

The Shambles may be one of York’s top tourist spots, but it seems that historic beauty isn’t for everyone as a range of TripAdvisor comments about the cobbled street have gone viral.

TripAdvisor is always good for a laugh, recently someone complained that the third-highest peak in England, a popular beauty spot in the Lake District, Skiddaw was ‘too high’. The comment shows that TripAdvisor reviews are to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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Known to pull in thousands of tourists all year round, The Shambles with its mismatched buildings and quirky shop fronts is a wonder to behold – we think. But, it seems that some TripAdvisor users didn’t feel the same. After visiting the historic 13th-Century shipping street they headed over to the reviewing site and said their piece.

One person complained about the “bumpy cobbles” and that people with a ‘pram or wheelchair be prepared to push’ whilst another complained about there being ‘too much fudge’ (you don’t have to buy it all love).

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Many visitors complained about it being too busy, which is like visiting any tourist attraction. Surely it comes with the territory?

Others have been put off by its apparent saturation of shops dedicated to Harry Potter, which many say was J.K Rowling’s inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series.

In spite of the one-star review moans most people, even when complaining about the York tourist attraction concede that it is “very photogenic” and “does look nice though.”

Even one of the best-preserved medieval streets in Europe isn’t one to impress all tourists, that being said, most of the reviews on TripAdvisor are positive – and so they should be. Many a time I wandered down the cobbled streets of The Shambles with my tomato sauce covered the fried chicken with Yummy’s Chicken on the way back to my student halls in the heady student days.

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